Why I Started Blogging| 2017 Inspo


2017 is here, and with it has come a lot of reflection. As I commence the year with, what seems like, the many goals of mine, I can’t help but think about how and why this whole blogging thing started.

Not even a full year has passed since I started blogging, but it’s amazing how things can develop.

I first started blogging March of 2016. At the time, I was producing articles for Examiner.com, which is no longer active. As much as I enjoyed writing articles, the creative writing background in me was itching to be utilized.

I’ve used my blog to discuss topics that have interested me and that I am learning about. My blog has also been a place where I share my experience with health, fitness, and lifestyle.

It has been quite the journey seeing which posts get the most views, and replying to the comments you’ve left has been fulfilling.

Within the last 10 months, I have accumulated 25 followers. It may seem like a small number, but I never had an exact number of followers that I wanted. I sincerely was hoping that anybody find and read my blog. I am grateful for all of those who have followed, liked, commented, and shared my writing.

The success of the last 10 months has inspired to me to more strategically grow this community and double down on my creativity. I look forward to producing more content for all of you!


If you’re a blogger, why did you start? If not, is there a passion project that you recently started?

All the best this new year,


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