Trying Vegan Eggnog and French Toast

I did it for the blog!

20171206_095515Earlier in the week I asked those who follow me on Instagram if I should try the eggnog recipe on the back of the So Delicious eggnog carton. All who voted said yes, so now here I am.

I love eggnog…without the alcohol. Eggnog with alcohol is vile. Regular eggnog, though, is one of the best things about the holiday season. However, I have developed a sensitivity to dairy as I’ve gotten older. Because of that, I was super excited to see that brands were coming out with dairy free versions of eggnog. I had to try it!

20171206_101351This morning had a delicious breakfast of eggnog french toast, an omelette, and a small serving of the dairy free eggnog. For the french toast, I pretty much followed the recipe as it is on carton. I simply reduced it down to feed one person. That included, a quarter of a banana, 1/4 cup eggnog, and two slices of bread. I was actually just going for one slice, but I had extra dippy eggnog concoction.

The end verdict: the eggnog french toast was delicious. It was so good. #sodelicious

Seriously, though, if you can fit it into your macros, I say give it a try. I found the So Delicious at Target.

As for the eggnog itself, that was also good. It wasn’t as rich and thick as regular eggnog, but that same, great taste is still there. If you’re in the dairy free club as well, I highly recommend it.


Happy holidays,


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