Where I Shopped this Christmas

Many of you may still be running around looking for presents. Other of you may be sitting at home not even sure where to start with presents, and the mounting stress of the impending holiday is all building up.

There is no need to worry, my friend. Not only have I come out with a gift guide for him and her, but I am also here to share with all of you where I shopped this holiday season.

  1. Barnes & Noble

The main place I went to this holiday season was Barnes & Noble. They have all things geek. Not only can you get the perfect book for someone or simply a gift card to an awesome place, but you can also find gifts for children, puzzles, board games, stationary, and collectables from various TV shows, anime, and other popular favorites.

They’re also currently having a holiday sale online, so take advantage!

2. Starbucks

I’m sure you’ve walked into a Starbucks lately. If you have, then you probably noticed all of the beautiful little trinkets and mugs and tumblers that they have on display. They are all absolutely beautiful. Some are actually really useful gadgets. Starbucks seems to have really upped its gift game. If you have a Starbucks lover in your life, run into your local one, because you will find something (even if it is just an epic gift card).

3. WorkSmarterLifestyle

This one is for the hustler with a flair for motivational fashion. You know that person with a dream who’s always putting in work? Yeah, this is for them. This a clothing brand with a range of items from snapbacks to t-shirts to hoodies. All of which have a great message. Another really cool thing about this brand is that a good portion of their range is unisex.

They are also offering a 10% discount on their site if follow their so social. It’s totally worth it.


I hope this helps your holiday shopping efforts. If you really are stressing, remember to enjoy the process. The holidays are great time of year to focus on gratitude and generosity.

Happy holidays,


  1. I walked in to Barnes and Noble for a book, much to my surprise I found a B. Toy from Target I had been looking for, for quite some time. Love the intellectual toys/gadgets they stock on their shelves.

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