5 Cities I’d Love to Visit

From Latin America to Northern Africa to Asia, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel to a few different places. This has only made me want to travel more and experience more places. Below I have listed five place that I would love to visit! Though, there are so many more.

London, EnglandLondon, England

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t even have to explain this. Fancy accents, major city, Harry Potter. Enough said, right? I also follow so many British YouTubers who live in or near London, and the city looks so beautiful. I would absolutely love to experience the art and culture that London has to offer. And I have to go to Platform 9 ¾.


New ZealandMatamata, New Zealand

Random? Think again. Matamata, New Zealand is one of the close towns to where Hobbiton resides. Visiting Hobbiton is a bucket list item, if there ever was one. I could give you the whole spiel on how beautiful New Zealand is, but really, Hobbiton is my reason.


Prague, Czech RepublicPrague, Czech Republic

Castles. As a kid, I had an obsession with vampires and all things Eastern Europe. For some reason, Prague was singled out in my mind as a cool place to go visit. Ever since, I have wanted to spend some time there. All of the pictures I have seen have shown such a beautiful city with a rich history.


Tulum, MexicoTulum, Mexico

Frankly, I just want to go to the Yucatan and see some pyramids. I have been to Mexico multiple times in my life, but not once have seen the historic pyramids of the people who came before us. Along with being a beautiful destination, Tulum also has Mayan ruins!


Amalfi Coast, ItalyAmalfi Coast, Italy

Not quite a city, but a well known destination nonetheless. I first heard of the Amalfi Coast in high school when a friend told me that she wanted to get married there one day. After seeing how beautiful it is, the Amalfi Coast became a place I needed to see. What could really be better? A beautiful landscape with delicious Italian food… It sounds perfect.

What are some cities that you absolutely need to visit?

Happy travels,


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