Vegan Restaurant Review: Cafe Gratitude

To start off, I am not vegan. I used to be a vegetarian, but I couldn’t quite give up my cheese. However, with the advent of the plant-based diet and all of its benefits, I have begun to incorporate more vegan meals into my life. (Not to mention that I’ve grown into a bit of a dairy intolerance. Bye bye, cheese.)

I recently visited Cafe Gratitude in the Arts District of Los Angeles. I went for brunch with a few friends, and I did indulge a little bit. While a friend and I waited for the rest of the party to arrive, we both ordered coffees and shared a cinnamon roll.

Vegan latte and cinnabon

The cinnamon roll was delicious. They bring it to you warm, and it tastes exactly like you’d expect. Cinnamon-y. Sugary. And exactly what you need on a Saturday morning. The only slightly disappointing thing about it was that it was rather small. It was definitely meant for one and not to be shared. I still recommend it, though.

For the main course, I ordered the Content, which is a chickpea quiche served in a20171125_165906 personal cast iron skillet. It was super cute, and super delicious. Made with everything I love, it had kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta–cashew feta cheese that is.

The friend I was with ordered Trusting, the barbecue tempeh scramble, which came with gluten-free sourdough toast. I didn’t taste that one, but she gave it a thumbs up.

The restaurant has a beautiful outside seating area that, unfortunately, I did not get a shot of. As you could imagine, however, with the beautiful and unseasonably warm LA weather, sitting in the outside patio was perfect. Another thing to note about Cafe Gratitude is that each menu item has a conscious, thought-provoking name, like Content and Trusting. That may seem a bit cheesy and hippy-dippy, but it’s adorable. 20171125_170001

This particular visit was not my first. I had gone once more prior. Both times was with someone who was not vegan and not necessarily used to meals with vegan substitutes. Both times, the non-vegans were pleased with their meals and overall experience at Cafe Gratitude. The first time I went was with my mom, and she’s been dying to go back. If you’re hesitant to try a fully vegan restaurant, I recommend this one. Cafe Gratitude will surely have something that you’ll enjoy.


Happy eating,


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