The Sun and Her Flowers Book Review

I chose to begin the year with a beautifully stunning collection of poetry. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur was a must read the second the I closed the pages of Milk and Honey. Kaur’s second poetic installment takes the reader through a journey of life. It has the same foundational structure as Milk and Honey, but The Sun and Her Flowers leads the reader down a meandering path. What starts as a seeming story of love and heartbreak and healing quickly wanders into the experience of being the child of immigrant parents and the growth and love and healing that experience entails

responsibility _KaurAt times it felt a bit startling to have a poem about love, yearning, or violation juxtaposed with a poem about one’s ancestors and the sacrifices of a parent. Though, it also made complete sense. Life’s events are not experienced in silos. Romantic heartbreak and the appreciation and sacrifice of one’s family can be experienced all in one day. One’s culture is always with them through all of life’s experiences.

The Sun and Her Flowers emphasizes that history is not so distant. Whether someone experienced something directly or it impacted generations past, the reverberations of that can still be felt. This theme is seen in speaker’s journey through romantic love, self love, and familial love. Through it all there is a recognition of freedom- the ability to experience life and sexuality fully and however she chooses.

immigrant _KaurThis book of poetry is both painful and educational. It is a remembrance and ode to the power all people possess to uplift themselves, grow, and move forward in life.

If you have not read The Sun and Her Flowers, I highly recommend that you do. If you have, though, I would to hear your thoughts.

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