The Pressure to Know It All in Blogging

In early 2016, I made the decision to start blogging because I was finally taking the initiative to learn about lifestyle and health, and I wanted to share what I learned and how I adapted it to fit into my life. I have shared snippets of my fitness journey, interesting facts about nutrition, and my thoughts and tips on leading a more balanced life. Somewhere along the way, however, the notion that I needed to only speak when I had complete authority on a topic crept into my mind.

Of course it’s important to know the facts of a given topic. I always appreciate when other bloggers do their due diligence. Maybe it’s my academic background, but I have taken this notion and expanded it to feeling as if I need to be an expert in order to speak on a subject.

This thinking has left me at a loss for content. I began blogging to share what I was learning. By no means have I become an expert in 2+ years. If anything, the last year has left me asking more questions about life, relationships, and fitness. So many things are not where I expected them to be. I work hard in so many areas and yet progress seems slow. Sometimes much of my life feels out-of-whack, so how am I supposed to write 8 Tips for a Better Week?

Maybe the lens through which I see my content creation needs to shift. Maybe I could write posts on struggling through life’s meandering path. Maybe that’s not what you want to read. My metrics show that positive and achievement-based posts have done well in the past. But what do I do when I feel as if I haven’t achieved much as of late and I’m not feeling all that positive?

I’m not sure how to reconcile this. I don’t feel comfortable writing about something unless I’m sufficiently knowledgeable, and I don’t want to depress anyone when I’m feeling down. If there is a topic you’d love for me to discuss on the blog, by all means let me know. I welcome your suggestions, and you can always put them in the comment section below.

Hopefully, better content creation days will come.

Happy reading,


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