Why Meditation is Difficult

There are a myriad of components that go into having a healthy life and body. Meditation is one that I have attempted to incorporate to keep me focused, calm, and recuperated.

There always seems to be a million things to do- big and small- and the next thing to stress about is just around the corner. It’s as if I’ve forgotten what life without constant stress is like. This is why I started meditating. Social media and technology also seem to have shortened my attention span, so I was hoping meditating would help me regain what I have lost.

Ask anyone who has tried meditating and they will tell you that the first few attempts are just you sitting there thinking about not thinking. Sometimes, it’s a success keeping my eyes closed for the allotted ten minutes. Other times, however, I feel completely relaxed (even with a little mind wandering).

It has been my experience, though, that when my mind is truly racing and thinking about twenty things at once, that my meditation experience is a complete bust. It is during these episodes that I become the most demoralized and question having a meditation practice all together.

Meditation Is a Long-Game Sport

Meditation is a skill that needs to be practiced. There have been times when I’ve been on a ten-day or fifteen-day streak, but then I fall into one of those hyper-stressed episodes and give up on my practice. Even though I am fully aware that sticking to my meditation routine will help me in the long run, I still manage to convince myself it’s not worth it in the short term.

The thing is, nine times out of ten, there are real, immediate benefits from taking time out of my day to meditate. Whatever tasks may be at hand feel more manageable. I am more relaxed in my approach to the day. And I have a more enjoyable day.

How to Improve My Meditation Practice

Overcoming my difficulties with meditation is important to me. The first step I need to do is work meditation into my morning routine. The second is simplify my morning routine. I’ve noticed that more I try to incorporate into a morning routine, the less I get done. It’s time to analyze the non-negotiables.

Lastly, I must meditate even when it feels futile. Who knows, a quick meditation might fix the funk.

Do you struggle with meditation or have any tricks to stay consistent?

Healthy living,


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