FREESOULCAFFE | Vegan Restaurant Review

I went on a lunch date this weekend with a friend that I had not seen in too long. Her and I seem to be developing a bit of a tradition of trying new vegan restaurants every time we meet up. This time, we went to FreeSoulCaffe in Tustin, CA.freesoulcaffeThis restaurant has a beautiful outside seating area. We were originally being seated inside, but for whatever reason it was really dark, especially towards the back. However, with a little bit better lighting, you’d really be able to see the personality of the place. The decor inside was more of a rustic chic, with its wood paneling,  mix of marble and wood tables, and the brick from the building it’s in. Because of the brick, that exact same vibe encapsulated their outdoor seating area.

soup and saladSitting outside was refreshing, especially since it did start to warm up a bit. I did have a difficult time choosing what I wanted to eat. Their menu had an eclectic mix with more traditional-style breakfast and brunch items, salads, burgers, and ramen. I ended up going with the caprese salad, which was made with a cashew based burrata, the soup du jour– butternut squash– and of course a matcha latte.

I was looking for something light, and the caprese salad butternut squash soup combo was perfect. My friend went with one of the burgers and a lemonade, and said it was absolutely delicious. Per her, the burger was just the right amount of filling, as it came with a salad instead fries.


We decided to be a bit indulgent and ordered the very berry cake. Even though it was delicious, it did not meet my expectations. I was expecting very many berries, but there were very few berries and a lot of frosting. I’m also glad we shared it instead of getting individual desserts. The waitress had said that the cake was meant to be a single serving, but neither one of us would have been able to finish on our own.

By the end, we had spent about $57, which wasn’t too bad. I would definitely go back.

If you’re in Orange County, give FreeSoulCaffe a try. Are there any restaurants in the LA/OC area that you recommend?

Happy eating,


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