Paralysis by Analysis: I Haven’t Been Coping

As of late, I have not been producing blog posts or videos on my YouTube channel.  I’ve been busy. And overwhelmed. And learning a lot. And trying to piece it all together.

I have reached a point where I want to significantly up my blogging game, meaning I want to post twice a week, which includes beautiful images in each post, ensuring each post is search engine optimized, and having all of the corresponding social scheduled and wittily written.

Thankfully, due to my current studies, I have learned how to do all of the above. I even have a PDF’d presentation detailing the steps for a successful blog post. The thing is, though…it’s a ton of work. The PDF I mentioned was created to work for a team of journalists collaborating on a single story. I have to do all of that on top of my studies, on top of my job searching, on top of jiu jitsu, on top of working out, on top of a personal life….and sleep. I cannot function without an adequate amount of sleep.

the shot

In no way is any of the above an excuse for faltering on my blog and channel. I simply think that it is important to recognize that amount that we expect of ourselves. Additionally, because of everything I’ve learned, I don’t want to do it any other way. I could easily just keep writing whatever post suits me, but I know there is a better way.

Given the amount of work (and time) that will now go into a blog post, I have been putting off actually writing one. The time investment has been daunting, especially in the wake of upcoming final projects.

shot3Overall, however, my blog has been at a good place. There are new followers and views are still steady, which is a testament to my previous content. This is such a great achievement because I remember the days I felt lucky to even get 60 views a month. Even though I  have only posted once this month, my blog has constantly been on my mind.

This platform is important to me, and I need to put in the work to research, write, and schedule posts ahead of time. I owe it to myself and to all of you who have chosen to follow me and my writing. There is so much I want to create and share, and I look forward to doing so soon.

Thank you,


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