My First Barre Class

My First Barre Class

The Backstory
I admit that I am not the most in shape. However, I do enjoy a good workout, and I train Brazilian jiu jitsu, so I’m used to exerting myself and feeling dead after about an hour and a half of exercise.

When it came to trying this barre class, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I didn’t do much research beforehand. My friend simply told me that I needed to try it and that it would be fun.

So there I was, walking into my first barre class noticing the little stools, the 3 lb. dumbbells, and ankle weights. This is really girly, I thought to myself. But, hey, it might kick my butt.

While we waited for everyone to settle, my friend told me that this was a power class meaning more cardio, more intensity. I had just gone to jiu jitsu the night before, so I thought Bring it. It’s not like someone’s going to be trying to choke me.

The Class
Oh, they brought it. The thing about barre is that it concentrates on smaller movements. Small circles with the legs. Pulsing lunges. Leg lifts where you pause and hold on the way down. While you’re executing these movements at the barre, you also tend to be on your toes.

About halfway through the class, I was exhausted. Sweat was dripping down my face. My calves were on fire. My arms felt heavy. I couldn’t hold positions for the amount of time that was expected of us. I also needed the instructor to correct my form a couple of times.

I found myself thinking, how is this class not over yet?

When it finally was over, it such a relief to take off those ankle weights. Stretching felt glorious. My water and green juice that I later got were delicious.

The Aftermath
The following day was a much-needed rest day. My calves were ridiculously sore. My triceps were wonderfully sore. This barre class included one the best upper body workouts of my life.

If I had the money, I would go back. However, I’m already paying for my 24 Hour Fitness membership and my BJJ gym membership. My friend informed me that going five times a week runs you back about $160.

If you are interested in barre, I highly recommend that you go. You will get a great workout.

Have you tried barre? What was your experience like?



  1. Brilliant post!! I’ve done a little barre work when I was studying ballet at college and even without the weights you left feeling sore and tender. Thanks for sharing.
    Emma x


  2. I love barre so much that I got ABT barre certified to teach it! I teach at my local gym. I highly recommend anyone who loves barre as much as I do to make it into your “fun job.” I got barre certified online with American Barre Technique, the online barre education company. The class taught me so much and when I passed the course I got hired immediately. If you are thinking about becoming a certified barre instructor to teach barre in your community definitely check out American Barre Technique. Here’s their website:

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