Challenging the “Comfort Zone”

It is often said that life begins outside of one’s comfort zone. I both love and hate this. Yes, it does have a ring of truth. Life cannot be lived without new experiences, and mine definitely cannot be lived without adventures in new places.

Perhaps I’ve seen it one too many times, but this statement or images always seem to exude this sense of urgency to constantly be outside of one’s comfort zone. The thing is… that sounds exhausting, is perhaps unrealistic for the average person, and is highly subjective.


In order to begin life, you don’t need to go backpacking across Europe or on some other grand adventure. Living life outside of your comfort zone could be as small as taking cooking lessons, joining crossfit or book club.

Life isn’t always the next adventure. As a student and blogger, right now my life is studying, producing content for my blog and YouTube channel, job searching, going to the gym, and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

For some, this might sound bland. For others, intriguing. As an introvert, however, releasing YouTube videos on a weekly basis is outside of my comfort zone. Pushing myself to interact with strangers online to grow my blog and learn more about the blogging world is outside of my comfort zone. Training differently is outside of my comfort zone. Going to my new BJJ gym and trying to master new techniques is outside of my comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is not a negative, mediocre place. For me, it is a place to recharge, relax, and yes, have fun. I enjoy my cozy nights in. I need them…just as much as I need to grow and challenge myself.

I believe that growth is essential for achieving success and enjoying life. Let’s not forget, however, that growth and success also come from consistently doing the little things.

What do you guys think about comfort zones and messages like the one depicted above?


Happy living,



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