Hiking Schebarum Park

I have been wanting to do this for so long! Growing up, taking the dogs for a walk in the Schebarum trails was one of my favorite things to do. Now, however, there are no more doggos to walk. I still wanted to walk the trails, though. 20171225_095759

20171225_100249These trails are pretty easy even though they are in the hills. I did some interval sprints 20171225_100041just to work up more of a sweat, and I walked the trails twice. There is an actual park where kids can play and people can have picnic. You could walk the trails then walk back around through the park, but I figured walking through the trail again would be a bit more challenging.

The hills were not as green as they used to be, but the scenery was still beautiful. I did more walking than running to take it all in.

If you have anything like this near you, I highly recommend you get out there for some cardio!


Happy holidays,


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