Body Shop Advent Calendar

This year, I decided to buy myself an advent calendar. I had no idea what these were until I saw all of the British YouTubers I follow raving about theirs. Advent calendars were something that I had never even seen in the U.S. However, I saw that there was a Body Shop, so I thought I could get my hands on one.


I ended up buying my Body Shop advent calendar through Ulta. It retailed for approximately $80, but with a promo code, I got down to about $65 plus tax.

It didn’t come in the mail until the 21st, so I had the most fun opening up 21 little goodies all in one day. It was great. I got some things that I had been needing and putting off buying, as well as products that I probably wouldn’t have considered buying.

I’ve decided to share my favorites.

Mango Lip Butter20171223_162716

The Body Shop started off strong with Day 1. I had no idea that the Body Shop had lip butters, but my lips are perpetually chapped, so it was much appreciated. It also smelled so divine, and made me crave mangoes!

Mango Shower Gel

Day 2 stuck to the mango theme with the mango shower gel. I’ve been needing a new shower gel, and since I knew this advent calendar was coming I refused to buy one. I’m going to be in tropical heaven when I shower now.


Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

Day 6. To be honest, I was skeptical about this one.  I thought that it was either not going to have a nice scent or the scent was going to be too strong and give me a headache. Fortunately, it didn’t. It smells SO GOOD, and makes crave grapefruit orange juice.

Eye Definer

Day 13. Black eyeliner pencil. This is another item that I have been wanting. Due to too much beauty guru YouTube video consumption, I have been wanting to play with makeup more. I have grown an absolute love for liquid liner, but you can’t use that for the lower waterline. You need a pencil for that, and now I have one.

Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge20171223_162754

Day 14. As of late, I have developed more of a skincare routine. I have become much more conscious of this, so I’m excited to try this product and see if it’s something I want to permanently add.

Shea Lip Butter

Day 16. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m constantly battling the crusty lip, so another lip butter is much appreciated. Not to mention this scent has always been easy on me.

I have thoroughly been enjoying my Body Shop advent calendar. Next year, I will make sure to order one before December, so that I can really enjoy it throughout the month.

Happy holidays,


  1. I wanted to find an advent calendar but by the time I’d heard about them, they all were gone. I worked at Yankee Candle but their calendar only offered tea lights. Ohh the things you opened look luxurious.


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