I Love/Hate Box Jumps

I know it’s the holiday season, but that’s even more reason to keep hitting the gym. Lately, I’ve been going to the gym about twice a week and to jiu jitsu twice a week. I have also changed up my routine to include more HIIT exercises. This was partially inspired by my newly acquired jump rope, and partially by the fact that HIIT works wonders for losing fat.

Last week, however, my jump rope broke. It just fell apart while I was using it. Therefore the other day, I chose to incorporate box jumps into my HIIT routine. Let’s get one thing straight. I hate box jumps.

It’s part physical, part mental. I ain’t got hops. I also imagine myself slipping off the edge when I land and totally messing up my shins, or completely miscalculating and just messing up my shins.

In all reality, I’ve only hit my shins about twice in the years that I’ve been practicing box jumps. The only other reason box jumps aren’t my favorite is that they are a bit hard on my  knees. I have some old injuries that act up if I’m not careful. I do know how to take care of them, but I am not always as diligent as I should be.

All of this might sound horrible, but I love box jumps because they challenge me. These are one of the most difficult exercises. When I see people just smashing this exercise or adding height by putting a box on top of another one, not only do I think “how in the hell?” but it’s also extremely inspirational.

I want to be able to do that! To have that athleticism would be amazing. If you have old knee injuries like I do, one of the tricks to a successful set of box jumps is using the soft plyobox. Since they are soft, there is a little bit of give when you land. My knees still feel fresh after four sets of 15.

In my fitness journey, I have learned that it is always the exercise that you hate that will change you. Nobody likes burpees, but burpees will do your physique good.


What are some exercises that you love/hate?


Happy holidays,


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