My Favorite Instagrammers

It could probably be statistically proven that Instagram in my favorite social media app. It’s the first one I go, and I probably spend the most time on it. With that, there are a few people on there whose content I am excited to see and brings a little light to my day.

Lydia Elise Millen

I’m positive you already know who she is. If not…what? Lydia a luxury/fashion blogger and YouTuber. Even though I currently can’t afford anything she buys, I love watching her hauls. She has such a great style, and I do get ideas for outfits that I could emulate on a lower budget. Lydia’s vlogs are also great. She has such a fun and sophisticated yet bubbly personality. This same personality and style comes through in her Instagram posts and stories.


She is a fitness instagrammer who is sponsored by 1st Phorm. She also provides online coaching and nutrition plans. If you are looking to get fit or are already on that journey, you need to follow her on Instagram. Her content is so inspirational. Stormi uploads workout clips, which help so much when you’re looking for new exercises to switch up what you’re doing at the gym. I have also found new podcasts to listen to because of her.


Kristina Nicole is a bodybuilder from Florida. She recently competed, and it was amazing to see that journey to competition form. If there is one thing you can say about body builders, it’s that they put in WORK. I might not want to be a bodybuilder, but they are some of the most inspirational people to follow. They have so much dedication and discipline to get where they want to be. Kristina is posting her workouts on Instagram stories daily (with a healthy rest day here and there).

There are plenty of more people that I follow on Instagram. However, these are the three that I wanted to really highlight. As of late, whenever I log onto Instagram, their content really brings positivity to my day and gives me that extra boost to keep working to reach my goals.


Who are the Instagrammers that you really love?


Happy holidays,


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