What I Accomplished in 2017

This is another idea that I came across while researching Blogmas topics. Upon seeing it, I did think that I’d feel a bit nervous sharing these things. However,  I also thought it’d be a great reflective piece and opportunity to think about the good things that happened in this hectic and even depressing year.

My accomplishments of 2017

Kept up with My Blog While Having a Full-Time Job

To those of you who do not blog, this might not sound like much, but it’s a big deal. Work life can consume your time and zap your energy, leaving you with no will to hop back on a computer for a few more hours of unpaid typing and photo editing. I also had a crazy commute, so going from work, to the gym, then back home to a computer was a lot. It was all worth it, though. I genuinely love blogging.

Got Accepted to Newhouse at Syracuse University

This was such a big decision! I grappled with myself in even choosing to apply, but I figured getting a second Masters wouldn’t even be an option unless I got accepted, so I went through the application process. The program is an online Masters of Science in Communications (MSC) through S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. It is a lot of work, but this quarter, I am so bummed that one of my classes is ending. At this point, I have one year left until graduation. I’m not sure if I will actually walk, but completing the program is another accomplishment I am looking forward to.

Received My Fourth Stripe As a White Belt

This was an awesome day! Any progress I make in jiu jitsu always feels monumental. If you practice BJJ, then you know what I mean. You’re on the mat at least twice a week, and as a white belt, you’re constantly getting smashed. This fourth stripe shows just how close I am to blue. I really just might cry tears of joy when I get my blue belt. It will have been a long time coming.

Successfully Completed My First Journalistic Style Multimedia Story

As part of my MSC, I took a multimedia storytelling class. The final project was a journalistic style video, and my topic was the restoration of the Los Angeles River. I interviewed a staff member of a local nonprofit working on this issue, as well as filmed B-roll of the river and surrounding areas and neighborhoods. The reason why this is an accomplishment is that my professor subsequently told me that with a little bit more work, I could submit this video as a local news report. I have not done so, but the fact that I created something that, with a little more work, has the potential to be aired is amazing.

My Blog and YouTube Growth

Admittedly, this growth has been relatively slow. However, I am proud of the progress I have made. Not only have I been solidifying my voice as a blogger, but I am getting more views than I ever have before and gaining more followers along the way. I received 440 views for the month of October, and now I’m quickly surpassing that for December. I now also have 74 followers here and 37 on YouTube. I have also created my most viewed video by far with almost 400 views. This is all because I stayed consisted in publishing content while staying true to finding my voice and producing content you all enjoy. Thank you!

I recognize that the year is not over, and there are some goals that I will still like to reach before January 1. Additionally, going through my accomplishments of this last year has given me more energy and inspiration to achieve even more in the year to come.


What are some things that you accomplished this year?


Happy Holidays,


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