Podcasts I’m Loving

If you are anything like me, then podcasts and YouTube videos have taken your airwaves. If I’m driving, getting ready, cooking, chances are I have a podcast on. Now that I’ve discovered Stitcher (actually, it was recommended to me by a bomb intern at my last job), I’m constantly downloading podcasts so I can listen away without worrying about surpassing my data limit.  Seriously, what even is music anymore?

Here are the three podcasts that I listen to on a weekly basis.

The Joe Rogan Experience

I believe that I’ve talked about this podcast before, and it’s so good that I’m talking about it again. This podcast is the perfect mix of everything. Joe Rogan is a comedian, color commentator for the UFC, and all around curious dude. Every podcast, he has a guest and they range from other comedians, podcasters, athletes, scientists, etc. If I’m not learning something new, I’m laughing my head off. I can’t recommend the Joe Rogan Experience more. I follow them on YouTube, where the podcast is streamed live. I also have it as one my favorites on Stitcher, so that the latest episode is always downloaded.

The Model Health Show

I discovered this podcast through an Instagrammer I follow named stormstorm3. She’s cool. Check her out. She also instagram stories the latest podcasts she’s listening to, and that’s how I discovered this one. I think she posted a screenshot of one where gut health was being discussed, and I had to check it out.

Whenever a new episode of this podcast is out, I put it in cue. This is the type of podcast where you could take notes or give it a second listen because there is that much information. If you’re looking to improve your health- like me- The Model Health Show is a great resource. Not to mention, the host’s voice is so smooth, I could listen to him talk all day.

The Paleo Solution

I was so happy to discover this podcast on Stitcher! I was introduced to Robb Wolf, the host of The Paleo Solution, on the Joe Rogan Experience. As you could imagine, they had discussed all things diet and health, and it left me wanting more. Wolf, like Rogan, has guests on every podcast as well. They discuss health, the Paleo and Keto diet, and how diet relates to athletic performance. This is another podcast where you either take notes or give it another listen.

These are the three main podcasts I listen to. I’ve only discovered them in the last four months, so if for whatever reason, they don’t come out with a new episode, I go back and listen to their older ones. Seriously, they’re that good. If you’re new to the health and fitness world, going back to older episodes is a good way to gain more valuable information.

What are some podcasts that you’re listening to?

Happy holidays,


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