My Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t written a wishlist in ages! I don’t even remember the last time I wrote one. I must have been under ten years old. In fact, when I saw this topic suggestion in blogmas posts, I didn’t want to go down that path.

However, upon thinking about it further, I figured that my wishlist didn’t have to be based on material things. It didn’t have to be centered on things I’d want for Christmas. Therefore, I decided to take this opportunity to create a wishlist of things that are intangible and that I, and potentially others, can really use.

So here we go.

Day of:

  1. To be fully present and enjoy all of Christmas day
  2. To get lots of hugs from my nephew
  3. To bring a smile to the people I love
  4. To have completed a successful Blogmas
  5. That I see family that I have not spent much time with

Looking forward:

  1. That I have the discipline to achieve my goals
  2. That I can find the positive in all situations
  3. That I create more time for creative writing
  4. That I continue to grow as a blogger
  5. That I excel in the art of jiu jitsu


What are some intangibles on your Christmas wishlist?


Happy holidays,


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