Christmas Items I Can’t Live Without

I try to be as much of a minimalist as possible. I am not always successful at this, but I do try, and I consistently clean things out. All of that to say I don’t have a lot of Christmas items that I can’t live without.

I thought this was an interesting topic for Blogmas, but when it cam down to it, there were only two things that I could not live without.

A Christmas Tree

What is Christmas without a tree? This one is probably on everybody’s list of Christmas necessities. Even when living in tiny apartments, I still had a tree. A very tiny, fake tree, but still a tree. I would even put presents under it (even though sometimes the presents were bigger than the tree).


I definitely talked about these last Blogmas. That’s how important they are not only to me, but to my family. What are buñuelos? They’re a Mexican dessert made from frying rolled out dough and sprinkling it with lots cinnamon sugar. To be completely honest, I don’t really care for them. I’d rather have a churro, but that’s because I love bread.

A dear cousin of mine loves buñuelos and demands that they be made every year. Every year, my grandma and I make, and that’s why I can’t live without them. It has become a bit of tradition that my grandma and make them. I fry the dough. She coats them in cinnamon sugar. Everyone else eats them.


What are some Christmas items that you can’t live without?


Happy holidays,



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