A Harry Potter Christmas

Due to a Harry Potter tag a few months back, I was reintroduced to the Pottermore site. I don’t go on there often, but every time that I do, I always seem to find little gems. Right now, Pottermore is going through full-fledged Christmas celebration called the “Christmas Corner.”

Neville JokeIt’s filled with jokes, wizarding Christmas details, and quizzes.

The first quiz I took was the Big Bumper Christmas Quiz, which tested me on how well I remembered all Harry’s Christmases. It was so much more difficult than I was expecting. Needless to say, I bombed that quiz. Yup, I got a treacle tart made by Hagrid… he’s not known for his cooking.

Christmas Quiz Result

Clearly, I need to reread the Harry Potter series. 15/35…the shame and embarrassment.

At the bottom of the Christmas Corner page, there are some featured stories and articles. The one that looked the most Christmas-y was the “How to Live Like Rubeus Hagrid” article.

It was the cutest, sweetest feature that I could have read. It highlighted his best feature and what they taught us. It also included great illustrations and still frames from the movies. Hagrid truly was a lovable and caring personality in the Harry Potter series. We should all be a little bit more like Hagrid.

While at the Christmas Corner, it notifies you to check back periodically for new features and updates. I will be checking back in a couple of times before Christmas.


Have a magical holiday,



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