Why MCT Oil Is Awesome

As someone who is into fitness and health, I follow a lot of fitness influencers and personal trainers on social media. Many of these of influencers have been raving about the benefits of MCT oil, especially when it comes to those who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

20170920_142241So What Is It?
MCT’s or medium chain triglycerides are derived from both palm and coconut oil. As explained in Shape Magazine, the emphasis here is on the medium in medium chain triglycerides. This shorter chain allows for quicker and easier digestion, which facilitates its benefit as a clean source of fuel.

What’s With All the Buzz?
Not only is it known for being a clean source of energy, but it’s known to boost your energy level. This is especially true if you are trying out the keto diet. Not familiar with it? Essentially, it is a very low carb diet that typically consists of consuming 20 – 30 carbs per day. By doing so, you switch your body’s fuel source from glycogen (sugar) to fat. MCT oil tends to be high in fat, so it makes sense that those on the keto diet utilize it.

The addition of MCT oil to a healthy diet has also been connected to weight loss. Although its exact role has not been fully pinpointed, studies have indicated that MCT oil boosts one’s metabolism and reduces appetite.

20171117_213314Why I started Using It
I first heard about MCT oil while listening to the Joe Rogan Experience. He was discussing it in connection to alleviating joint pain/distress, and that many grappler utilize it for that purpose.

As someone who trains jiu jitsu, I can definitely feel the discomfort of way too many armbars. I even feel it at the gym when I’m lifting heavy weights, so if there was something out there that could help me, I was all for it.

In researching this connection between MCT oil and joint pain relief, I actually couldn’t find much. In fact, I found an article debunking that claim. I also haven’t felt a difference in my elbows, but to be fair, I haven’t been using it every day.

All in all, it does seem to be a good addition to an already healthy diet. It is a vegan source of Omegas (instead of having to take fish oil), and if you buy the oil instead of the pills, I recommend adding it to your smoothies.



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