The Benefits of Traveling

The 4 Best Reasons To Travel

In last week’s post, I listed five cities that I would love to visit. Traveling, however, is much more than seeing new places. It can bring to fruition new insights, change perspectives, and provide experiences of a lifetime. Below, I list the four benefits of traveling.

1. Learning about Other Cultures
Part of this does depend on where you go. If you are from a western country and go to another one, there will be differences, but it is still relatively within one’s comfort zone. I once traveled to Morocco, where I thought, the culture was going to be drastically different from mine. For those who may not know, I am Mexican-American, and I quickly discovered that there are many similarities between the two. One of them being people always trying to feed you, and when you don’t want to eat, them thinking that there’s something wrong.

2. Learning and Practicing a New Language
I think this is one the best aspects of traveling. If you are currently studying a language, then traveling to a country with that language is the best way to get your practice on! Once in country, you are forced to speak it. Yes, English is spoken around the world, but having to speak the host country’s language in everyday situations helps the vocabulary stick. Plus, it improves your pronunciation as well. #noaccent

3. Meeting Great People
If you’re not meeting great people, you’re not traveling right. This one can be difficult if you aren’t staying in one place for too long. However, if you are in college or simply have the opportunity to live abroad for a month or longer, lifelong friendships are practically guaranteed.

4. The FOOD!
Frankly, this is the only reason I need to travel. If a country has amazing food, I will be there. While in the Netherlands, my friends and I had Surinamese food, and now it’s on my list of countries to visit. In addition to being a delicious highlight, food brings all of the aforementioned reasons together. Through sharing meals with others while abroad, I became familiar with their culture, practiced another language, and met wonderful folks.

What are some your reasons for traveling to new places?



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