When Fear Holds You Back

When Fear Holds You Back(1)

If you are an artist of any sort, then you may relate to the feeling of hesitancy when it comes to sharing your work. As a writer and introvert, I felt this the majority of my life.

I started writing poetry at the young age of 12, and I hid those poems with a passion. This fear, however, stayed with me and eventually held me back.

I refrained from seeking out writing contests and outlets, as well as performing my poetry at open mic nights. Eventually, I did begin to share my writing, which was mostly due to writing workshops I attended in college.

In retrospect, this fear of sharing my work held me back from truly growing as a writer and poet. If it would not have been for my writing workshops, professors, and friends, I don’t know where my writing would be today.

I think about the goals that I wish to reach regarding my poetry and creativity, and I can’t help but think about how much further along I would be if I wouldn’t have been so fearful.

It’s amazing how paralyzing fear can be, but as I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that if I have some type of fear regarding my creativity, it usually means that that is the direction in which I need to go.

If I am having some sort of trepidation, then that path will only push me and my art to grow. In those moments of hesitation, I have learned to examine my fear and its causes, so that I can harness that energy and use it in my work.

It is not an easy process, and it requires a lot of self-reflection. In such moments, I have found journaling to be helpful in clearing my thoughts and in creating a plan-of-action.

Have you ever felt this way about your creative work?

Keep creating,

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