Contemplating Love


Let me tell you about romantic love.
That manic love.
That fill-me-from-my-head-
To-my-toes love.

Radiant. Blissful.
Can’t-stop-smiling love.
That I-can’t-stop-loving-you love.
That I’ll-always-love-you love.

What about filial love?
That you-raised-me-to-be-
A-good-person love?
That you-did-your-best love?

What about self love?
That I’ll-always-put-me-first love?
That this-hurts-so-much-
But-I-need-to-persevere love?

What about that created family love?
That you-took-me-in-
When-my-family-abandoned-me love?
That we’re-far-apart-but-you-got-me love?

Life is composed of love.
We’ve reached this point
Because of love.
Thank you, Love.

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