How to Survive the Christmas Travel Season


The Christmas season is one of the busiest travel times in the year. People are driving and flying across the country, spending unspeakable amounts of hours in sitting in traffic, airports, or in the sky. I have quite the daily commute already, so sitting in my car for multiple hours a day is something that I am used to and have learned to cope with.

Given that, I have decided to impart some traffic wisdom to all you, as well as share some of my favorite things to listen to while sitting on my bum for hours on end.

  • Podcasts
    • I pretty much have podcasts for every mood. If I want something a bit more light, but that will still get me thinking, I go for the Joe Rogan Experience. He has a variety of guests from all walks of life. From MMA to politics to comedy, Joe Rogan pretty much covers it all and makes you laugh along the way.
    • If you’re interested in health and wellness, then EveryDayDetox is great to learn effective ways to stay healthy and prevent illness, as well as to clean out your system. He also has guests for every podcast,who provide such great insight as well.
    • Another podcast that I listen to from time to time is Let It Out by Katie Dalebout. This podcast also focuses wellness but has more a bend towards women’s wellness. I may not listen to this podcast often, but it does provide a nice balance to the more masculine Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Catch Up on the News
    • Once I’m home, the last thing I want to do is listen to anything heavy, and let’s face it, the news is the heaviest. That’s why I catch up on the news while I’m in the car. I tend to listen to The Young Turks and some CNN videos. You can find your news source of choice online as well.
    • If you’ll be flying this Christmas season,  then you’ll have the opportunity to read some news articles as well. For some extra fun, and if you’re learning a language, you can read news articles in that language.
  • Have a Concert
    • Whether you’re driving by yourself or with family and friends, put on your favorite tunes and jam out. This is a lot of fun and really makes time fly. If you’re flying, though, this might not be the pastime for you, but listening to music is always a plus.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and the links I’ve attached. What are some of your favorite things to do during your commute or when passing the time in Christmas travel?


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Happy Holidays!


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