What I Love About Christmas

blogmas-2016-2As the years have progressed, and I’ve gotten older, my experience of Christmas has changed. The most obvious is having less time off. I was recently in graduate school, which allowed for a longer break, but even then, most of that occurred in January. Additionally, since I’ve begun living on my own, I haven’t really had a tree, and the decorations have been sparse.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy this season and have a myriad of things that I look forward to.

  • The Weather
    so cozy 🙂
    • It is definitely much colder in Northern California than I’m used to, but I’ve always enjoyed the chilly weather. One reason: scarves.  Not to mention snuggling up with a good book and a hot chocolate on the couch is one of my favorite pastimes.
  • The Decorations
    • Everything looks so bright and festive and cheery! It automatically puts me in a good mood. Even though I haven’t had the funds to go all out with the decorations, a few items have been gifted to me over the years- my current tree being one of them. (You can check it out in Blogmas Day 1.) But I love the decorations so much, that the little bit I do makes me immeasurably happy.
  • The Food
    • And I’m not just talking about the treats. Christmas is the official season of the tamal, and if you’re Mexican, you know what I mean. Tamales are everywhere. They’re at your parent’s house, your aunt’s house, your friend’s house. You will be eating them for DAYS after Christmas, and I’m okay with that. #carbup Some years, my family even spends Christmas Eve preparing them. ….the desserts are good too…
  • My Aunt’s Champurrado
    • If you don’t know what this is, you are not living life. Basically, it’s a warm drink made from corn flour, milk, chocolate, and cinnamon, and it is Mexican heaven in a cup. This is the one thing that I ask for consistently for Christmas.
  • Spending Time with Family and Friends
    • Being that I live in the other part of the state, I don’t get to see my family and friends much. The holidays are one the few times a year that I get to visit and spend time a lot of the people I love. It’s always great to catch up.

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?


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Happy Holiday!


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