Have a New Year’s Resolution? Contemplating 2017


The end of the year always seems to bring with it much reflection on the previous twelve months, as well as much contemplation on the steps needed to make the upcoming year more of a success.

Yes, it also brings with it joy and festivity and way-too-sweet treats, but there is a whole lot of thinking going on in all walks and sectors of life.

As I get older, this time of year seems to be more pressing. I still look forward to enjoying the festivities and the lovely people in my life, but I can’t help to think of the ways in which I wish to be more successful the following year.

I was never one for new year resolutions. I simply never understood why people would wait until a specific time of year to make some sort of positive change in their lives. Also, people rarely tend to stick to their resolutions.

The contemplation that I am doing now, though, is not necessarily a new year’s resolution. I am not waiting until January 1 to start acting upon the successes I wish to achieve. One such example is the very post that you are reading now. I would love for my blog to reach more people and be more interactive. Producing more content consistently is one way to reach more people, so I chose (albeit a little late) to participate in Blogmas.

At its more basic level, I am looking to supercharge certain and specific things that I am working on in my life, as well as to refocus some of my energy to passions that I have let slip.

I will be creating a more action-oriented plan for these goals. Perhaps I can share it here if anyone is interested.


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Have you been thinking about goals for 2017? Let me know what they are. Maybe we have some in common! 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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