My First Day Back in the Lifting Game

Do you even lift, bruh? …..yes….


I stepped foot in the gym for the first time in two and half months this past Sunday. I was excited. I was so looking forward to it.  I had missed the gym and lifting weights. Not to mention that when I do pure body weight exercises I tend to end up looking like a string bean. -_-

My return to the weight section was meant to be glorious…. But it ended up being more of a flop.

Admittedly, my workout was a little bit of a mishmash. I focused on upper body, but I did threw in some squats. 😉 I started off with a five minute warmup on the elliptical, then did three sets of 15 biceps curls, 20 goblet squats, 15 lat pull-downs, and 15 dips.

I knew that it was my first day back in a while, so I intentionally used lighter weights and assisted dips, but I was still out of it! The bicep curls were difficult, but that was to be expected. I didn’t know something was up until I did the goblet squats. After the first set, I started to feel lightheaded.

I decided to take longer breaks in between sets, which is not my norm, but no matter how long the break was, the lightheadedness wouldn’t fully go away.

I did all of the lat pull-downs feeling relatively lightheaded. Once I finished all three sets, I just sat there and didn’t get up until I felt better. It was so odd. I finished off with the dips because I was determined to complete a workout and truly begin to sculpt my most troublesome area, but I was SO exhausted

By the end of the workout, I did not feel fulfilled. I felt like I was taken out too easily. Maybe I wasn’t breathing properly? (Doubtful, I always focus on my breath.) Maybe I really am just that much out of shape again? All I know is that I felt like a pipsqueak.

But the journey continues. I am not discouraged. If anything, I am even more motivated to get back in there and make all the gains. I’ll be hitting the gym later today. 🙂


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How are you fitness journeys going?

Happy Holidays,


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