How To Be Clutter-free

I used to have THE messiest room. Sometimes, it was rivaled by that of my little brother’s, but it was still pretty bad. Piles of clothes everywhere. Books, pens, and notepads surrounded my bed. Yesterday’s homework and textbooks were strewn beside me on the bed.

I told people (and myself) that I had a system. “It may look like a hurricane went through my room, but I know where everything is, and it’s there for a reason.”


It wasn’t until my early 20s that I actually started to turn this around. It was difficult. Old habits die hard, but I’ve pretty much got this now. So how did this clutter girl become organized chic?how-to-be-clutter-free

  1. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Have a lot of stuff lying around? Probably. But do you NEED all of it? Probably not. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. How does it get there? We don’t even remember! All we know is that it is taking up space and that space is probably on the floor or somewhere else inconvenient. Go through the piles of stuff. Go through your closets and drawers, and get rid of what you don’t need or haven’t used/worn in months.

  1.  Put things where they belong.

It sounds so simple, but it’s amazing how often this tends to not happen. If you are a clutter bug like I was, this is definitely a habit you will need to form. So, don’t fling the bra across the room (unless that’s where the hamper is), place it in its designated spot. This will most likely be a conscious effort at first, but it’ll soon become second nature.

  1. Designate a “Cleaning Day”

Even with all of this effort, sometimes things have still get out of hand. For me, my apartment tends to get cluttered during times of high stress when there are other things that need my attention. Designating a cleaning day, however, mitigates the mess. My cleaning day is Sunday. Every Sunday, I spend about half of it cleaning my whole apartment. This helps get everything back on point and allows me to really relax and destress the rest of the day.

The above worked for me, and it has been really rewarding having a beautiful, de-cluttered space to live in.

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Happy Holidays!


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