Procrastination Confrontation


Procrastination is the bane of my existence. Okay, maybe not so much anymore, but it still creeps up on me. This really tends to happen when I’m at a loss for inspiration and motivation. There are days when I simply don’t know what to create or produce. There are those days when I’m exhausted from the 9 – 5, the drive, and keeping up with my jiu jitsu training, that all I want to do is collapse on my bed.

But I have goals! And not just fitness ones. I enjoy writing this blog and sharing my journey and what I have learned regarding lifestyle, fitness, and health. I love my segment Poetic Sunday and sharing my writing with all of you.

I want this blog to grow, and I want my YouTube channel to grow. I also want to write more. I DO always produce and publish some content every week, but I know that I can produce more. The above are all things that I enjoy doing, so what is the issue with procrastination?


  1. I’m exhausted!
  2. My prime hours for full cognitive functioning are during that 9 – 5.
  3. I tell myself “I’ll get to it later because I’m so tired right now and I have to wake up early.”


The answer? Coffee….jk, jk. I need to find my new rhythm. I have been putting a lot of thought into this because I want to excel, and it bothers me that I am not performing to my greatest capacity.

Given my new schedule, it looks like producing content later in the week is the most feasible for me. This may result in blog posts and videos being released at the beginning of the week.

I’ve also come to the conclusion and acceptance of gritting my teeth and getting words on the page even when I don’t feel the inspiration or motivation. As much as I love writing, editing is always easier. This goes for blogs, poems, and video scripts.

I have even included the use of the Pomodoro Timer. It’s a productivity app that allots chunks of time that are solely dedicated to one task, followed by a five minute break. It’s simple yet effective.

With this new tactic, I’m expecting to kick procrastination in the butt, and produce more and higher quality content.

Let’s do it!


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