So Food Can Be Medicine?

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This blog post has been a long time comin’. It’s a topic that I have been pondering for months now.

As you may already know, I’m currently reading The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel P. Reid. The book begins with an examination on healthy food, detailing the benefits of a diet that follows the rules of food combining. However, it also delves into the benefits that certain foods can provide the body.

The book then takes it one step further by having pages upon pages of various aliments that one may experience along with a variety of foods, and how to prepare them, that can cure or treat said ailment.

It covers digestive issues to cardiovascular conditions to more serious, even terminal conditions. Granted food itself cannot cure severe conditions, but proper nutrition can improve quality of life.

Even though I have not tried the majority of these recommendations, I have tried out the food combination recipes that the book provides, as well as a couple of mini fasts, which the book recommends be done weekly.

Let me tell you… my body felt great! As I’ve gotten older and changed my diet to be healthier, I’ve noticed that when I delve back into old ways, it affects my body much more negatively, and can last for days. The week of recipes that it provides did have me feeling somewhat better, but I also was left feeling hungry after some of the meals.

The fasts, however, have been the best part of my experimentation with the recommendations in this book. It tells you to supplement your fast with bentonite, psyllium seed powder, and colonics. The two fasts that I have done have not included the aforementioned items, but the results were still strikingly noticeable. I would even say that the fasts had a more positive effect on my body.

Given my experience, it seems as though food is more of a preventative measure, especially with fasting, which is a detoxifying process. Luckily, I have not had many of the ailments that the book discusses, so I can’t specifically speak to the efficacy of the recommended food-treatments. However, given my experience with the food combining diet provided in the book, as well as the mini fasts, it makes perfect sense to me that the right foods could alleviate certain conditions.

This is something that I wish to continue experimenting with to really see the power of food and a healthy lifestyle.


Let me know what you think. Have you used food to alleviate an illness or condition that you had?

See you next week,


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