A Fit Girl’s Journey: The Stress is Winning

stress winningNo visible progress has been made in my fitness in the past couple of weeks. I have still been working out, but even that has been difficult to keep on track. Sometimes, I can’t make it to the gym, and when I get home, I focus on getting work done. The stress has been STRONG. The lack of sleep has been real. And the snacking has been excessive. So what to do when life feels like it’s pulling you apart and draining you of all of your time and energy? Stick to your self-care and fitness routine.

Tough times always make you want to just eat and sleep, or not eat and not sleep if that’s how stress manifests for you, but it’s important to stick to your (mental) health and fitness routines to keep your bodies strong. The tough times will end, and having a healthy body will get you through it better. I reminded myself of this on Thursday night, and I promised myself that I would stick to my routines no matter what. Below is how I plan to take better care of myself on my fitness journey. Perhaps it can help you too.


This is for my mental health. Meditation has been THE most effective way to keep my stress levels in check. If you are like me, then you have experienced waking up stressed. It’s not like you tried. It’s not like you were thinking about all of the things you needed to get done and their deadlines and the things that could be improved. You just opened your eyes, and the stress slapped you in the face. Meditating first thing in the morning has given me more focus, which allows me to better take on my days. I am always amazed at how a simple six-minute meditation can make me feel more rested than six hours of sleep. Therefore, meditating every morning is a must.

No Dairy

I don’t consume much dairy already. However, it does pop up on occasion, especially when I’m eating out or in the office, when the only coffee creamer is dairy creamer…yeah. The reason behind this is more for my health and nutrition than fitness. I am not lactose intolerant, but through my research, dairy is not the most digestion-friendly element. In the book The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity, which I discuss in a previous post that you can find here, the author states that dairy should be eaten by itself because it does not digest properly when combined with other foods. This means that it stays longer in your system just sitting around as waste. In health podcasts by Mike Perrine, colonic therapist and health practitioner, he discusses how various foods leave residue behind in the body, including dairy. So I’m nixing the milk.

Exercise Four Times/ Week

This includes weekends. On average, I exercise three times a week. That’s not bad, but given my goals, I need to up that average. At this point, taking two days off every weekend has been a hindrance to my fitness journey. The first time around, when I lost twenty pounds, I would always workout either Saturday or Sunday. That was by no means the only reason why I lost twenty pounds, but being more consistent is always a plus.

No Snacking

      This one is huge! I always want to snack when I’m working on things, and I definitely have the urge to stress eat when I’m on a time crunch. I am stronger than my stress, and I know that the aforementioned reasons are not good reasons to eat. All it does is sabotage my health and fitness goals. One thing that I have already started to do is drink more water, which has been curving this craving to stress eat.

If you can relate to any of the above, let me know!

Hope you are all doing well!



  1. Hi Marisol,
    What incredible times!
    congratulations on your fortitude to stay on track. As I continue my life journey and look back of how stress has affected my life, I can honestly say it has been a challenge not only as a person, but as a mother and a professional. I had to learn (by trail and error) how to handle my stress. I have found the following recommendations suitable and attainable…let me know what you think.
    1. Mediation is something you already do and something I would love to conquer;
    2. Deep breathing helps clear my thoughts and regroup;
    3. Exercise is wonderful, I try to walk at least a mile daily;
    4. Reaching out by far is to me the most important. Create a circle of close friends and closeness to family has been a amazing for me. I believe in the core of my heart that family loves us unconditionally and will always have their best interest for us;
    5. Laugh often as research has shown that it lowers cortisol-the stress hormone;
    6. Listen to music as it brings calmness and rhythm to our soles ;
    7. Be grateful, I have come to believe that when we are stressed we tend not to see our daily blessings…and we them everyday (big and small);
    8. Stay positive, which in times of stress is very challenging. Life has taught me that when we are positive we attract positive energy that is helpful to any situation…
    9. Claim all your needs and wants and have faith that they will come to pass.
    Wishing you a mountain of success, love and happiness!
    -Luz (^.^)


    1. All of that sounds so good! It does seem like a lot to me, but if you can handle it, that’s awesome. Remember to take it one day at a time. Do you currently have resources for meditation? I do guided meditations by Rebekah Borucki on Youtube. She’s great, and provides quick meditations that you can fit into your morning routine.

      Keep me posted!


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