A Fit Girl’s Journey: Starting Over

4 thoughts on “A Fit Girl’s Journey: Starting Over”

  1. This is inspirational….I am 57, 5-4 and weight 129 pounds. My challenge is to stay healthy and find an exercise program that can provide both stress reduction and physical strength.


  2. This is very inspirational! I have struggled on this fitness journey. Two years ago I got sick in February and lost 7 pounds. I decided that since I had lost weight that I would do my best to keep losing weight so I stopped eating bad carbs and I started exercising twice a day. I was down 40 pounds by June. Then summer partying happened and I gained all 40 pounds back within a month or two months time. Today I am struggling at a whopping 240 pounds and it is been really difficult to get this weight off. It doesn’t help that with my job there is so much inconsistency regarding my nutrition and exercise habits. I need to get a handle on this.


    1. Hi, Jose. Thank you for sharing your experience. Getting fit can be really difficult. In my experience, the nutrition is the most difficult part. Not only do we eat certain things habitually, but sometimes we have attachments to certain foods as well. A practice that I’ve begun is preparing my meals for the day the night before. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it also saves money. Also, exercising twice a day is so intense! I tried that as well, saw results, but it wasn’t sustainable. I truly believe that one good workout a day and focusing on nutrition is key. I’m currently changing up my eating habits to see what works best for my body.

      I’m positive you can do same. You’ll have the body you want!


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