My Meditation Journey

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to meditate every, single morning. Surprisingly, the act of getting to my meditation has been fairly easy. I have missed two days, BUT starting a new routine has always been tricky for me. Plus, the goal is not perfection. There have been mornings where I just did not feel like meditating or even getting out of bed at all, but I didn’t let that stop me. I knew that meditating would benefit me, even if it were just for the moment.

I’ve heard many people talk about the benefits of meditation. It de-stresses you, clears the mind, etc. They all sounded fantastic, and I wanted to capitalize on them. However, within the last two weeks, the sensation of less stress and a clear mind has been fleeting. Most mornings, I feel great right after meditation. Others, it was as if I hadn’t meditated at all—although this maybe only happened twice. The stress monster was STRONG on those days.

On those most mornings, though, I felt more rested after five minutes of meditation than I did upon waking up from a night’s sleep. Like many people, I hold much of my stress in my shoulders, which is only intensified by exercise, and when I wake up, the tension is in full effect. After I meditate, though, my shoulders feel so light and free. I also feel as if my day has a clear purpose. Things do tend to get a bit muddled for me as the day goes on, but I remind myself to stay on track.

Rested Graphic

There are multiple types of meditation available. I prefer guided meditations that usually involve a mantra. This allows me to solely focus on that one thing and clear my mind of all the other thoughts that typically buzz around. I’m not always successful at making all of these other thoughts disappear, and I don’t think I’ve ever done it for a full meditation. However, that’s where practice comes in.

It has only been two weeks, and I intend to continue with this practice. With time, I hope that it’ll get easier and the benefits will transcend my mornings and affect my whole day.



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